Gas Plumbing

Gas leaks not only cost you money but they can be dangerous to your health and property. While some small gas leaks will not pose a problem they should still be investigated and fixed as soon as possible. A small gas leak in a confined space such as underneath a stove top or in a cupboard has the potential to turn into a bigger problem with disastrous results.

An unexpectedly high gas bill can be the first sign of a problem, especially if the gas leak is outside and underground where you may never smell anything. If you do smell gas don’t delay, turn the gas off at the meter (or gas bottles) and call Stopps Leaks Plumbing immediately to make your family home safe. We can test your gas at the meter to check how big the leak is and find it safely with the latest in leak detection equipment.

Whether it’s burst pipes or gas pipe leaks, Stopps Leaks Plumbing can fix all your pipes with a professional and quality service guaranteed.